Any-Way Coffee Table

Any-Way Coffee Table


A coffee table for you or a play table for the little ones

Ridged edges, no slippage 
Rounded corners, safe for little ones
100% PET fiber drawer, slides out from either side
One-drawer or two-drawer options for flexible organization 

Comfortable linoleum surface
U-shaped legs for easy assembly 

Product Details

Coffee Table
Material: Linoleum, birch plywood
Dimensions/mm: 930 L x 620 W x 469 H (36.6”x 24.4”x 18.5”)
Weight: 9.6 kg (21.2 lb)

Material: 100% PET Fiber
Dimensions/mm: Large, 360 L x 269 W x 256 H (14.2”x10.6”x10.1”); small (set of 2), 502 L x 315 W x 112 H (25.7”x21.3”x10.1”)
Weight: Large, 910 g (2 lb); small (each) 390 g (0.85 lb)

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