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Any-way Stool
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Any-way Stool
Any-way Stool
Any-way Stool

Any-way Stool

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Winner of Red Dot Award 2019 Product Design

Perfect to go with any-way coffee table, doubles as a side table

Comfortable linoleum surface
Sturdy structure
Superellipse shape
U-shaped legs for easy assembly

A Seat at the Table

Made exclusively of hand-selected plywood

Down to each layer

Comfortable, sturdy

Ready for impromptu friends’ visits

Hides swiftly under table

What’s different about any-way stool?

Just the Right Height

Designed with kids’ play in mind
Creates more possibilities for the table
Superellipse silhouette
Echoing shapes
Perfect companion

Irresistible Linoleum

Rich colors
Silky smooth, like leather
Long lasting
Acquires warm patina with age

U-Shaped Legs

Firmly support the stool top
Takes only four screws to assemble
Organic playful stance
Lighthearted yet sturdy

Moonlight as Side Table

Magazines, cups, lamp or plant...
A new place for your favorite things


This is the label you will see on every PUPUPULA product.

We believe that Made in China does not mean compromising on quality or design. We strive to use the best materials, original design and reliable manufacturers to offer the best products that you and your family deserve.

Three Color Ways

Anyway You Want

Premium Materials

Easy on the Eyes + Peace of Mind

On the Surface

All Natural Linoleum Imported from the Netherlands

Made from all natural materials like solidified linseed oil, pine rosin, cork dust, wood flour and natural coloring, it is 100% biodegradable. We imported this material from leading suppliers of linoleum in the Netherlands. Our experienced technicians have seamlessly applied this material to the table top.

PUPUPULA-Made Birch Plywood

In order to maintain high standards, we individually select the layers to maintain uniform look and feel in the plywood and compress them together with high pressure.

On the Inside

Highest Grade Glue

The glue we use to combine layers in the plywood is Japan’s highest standard of F-4Star. It is the highest safety standard in the world.

Food Grade OSMO Wood Wax Oil

The wood surface is sealed with German OSMO wood wax oil. This is a professional grade material made from environmentally safe, non-toxic and all natural plant-based oil and wax. It preserves the natural coloring of the wood and is safe for kids and pets.

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Sold out

Product Specs

+ Measurements

  • Dimensions/mm: 360 L x 269 W x 256 H (14.2”x10.6”x10.1”)
  • Weight: 1.83 kg (4 lb)
  • Main Material: Linoleum, Birch

+ Packaging

Product is shipped in a sturdy packaging for maximum furniture protection.

+ Use Guide


  • This product is designed for indoor use only.
  • Keep away from heat sources such as space heaters and ventila- tion fans. Avoid long-term exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Recommended humidity level: 35%–65% (Because of the unique characteristics of wood material, please maintain recommended humidity level and adjust accordingly during excessively humid or dry months.)


  • When moving this product, avoid dragging as legs may be damaged.
  • Use tray or coaster to avoid stubborn stains from plant pots or cups.
  • Do not place hot objects directly on the desktop.
  • Do not use sharp objects on linoleum as it may damage the surface. * Do not use alcohol or chemical agents to clean this product.

+ Care Guide

  • Wipe clean with soft damp cloth.
  • If stained, wipe clean with cloth dipped in neutral cleaning agent.
  • Use beeswax or wood wax to polish the wood material to enhance dirt and water resistance. Do not apply wood wax to linoleum surface.