Hand Washing Sticker

Hand Washing Sticker

  • Visual Instructions

  • Reusable Adhesive Paper

  • Waterproof

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The Story

I lived in America with my kids for several years. I often see hand washing instructions in public restrooms designed specifically for kids: photos or illustrations alongside with short instruction texts. After moving back in China, I realized that this is something rare: I only see them in Montessori education kindergartens and some hospitals. There are only so many options to buy, not to mention the ones that have cute illustrations—the rarity of this kind of products is what compels me to develop one so that families can have a better choice.



What’s different about Hand Washing Sticker?


Beautiful illustrations with eye-catching colors

Grab and retain the attention of kids. They will be motivated to understand the importance of good hygiene and have fun in the process.


No-adhesive, yet incredibly sticky

Made with YUPO Octopus® paper, the it’s easy to stick to and remove from smooth surface leaving no trace of adhesive for every one in the family.


Bathroom-ready waterproof

No afraid of the bathroom environment, even when it gets all wet. In fact, you can clean the sticker under running water without worrying about losing color or form.


Product Specs

+ Measurement & Size

  • Material: YUPO Octopus® paper
  • Dimensions/mm: 213 L x 110 W (8.4” x 4.3”)
  • Designed by PUPUPULA. Proudly Made in China.

+ Care & Cleaning

  • Care & Cleaning: Rinse with water. Allow to dry thoroughly and reapply.