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A squeezable, portable lamp gives you and your families a relaxing night with 2200K warm yellow light. Compared with Little Bulb Pro, Little Bulb Lite keeps the original function of lamp without the smart mode and candle light mode, but you have more choices on different colors. Turning on/off the light by slightly tapping it.


DesignerNicol Boyd & Tomas Rosén

Size76.2 Diam x 110 H(3'' * 4.3'')

Silicone, PC-ABS

Battery: 600mAh

Weight: 137g (0.3lb)

Notification: It takes around 5 hours for a full charge. Depending on how much you use little bulb, a full charge lasts between 6 hours (brightest) to 72 hours (dimmest).