Tooth Brushing Sticker

Tooth Brushing Sticker

  • Illustrated Bass Technique

  • Reusable Adhesive Paper

  • Waterproof

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The Story

We brush our teeth twice every day, it happens so often that we don't pay attention to it. When I started Invisalign several months ago, my son reached the age of going to see a dentist, that's when I realized that even for us, we don't know as much information about brushing teeth as we thought we do. For example, the most recommended method for brushing teeth is Bass technique, which requires to clean closer to the gum, instead of on the teeth (? The front) where I learned growing up. Another example is that it's recommended for kids to floss as well.

This is the reason behind the making of Tooth Brushing Sticker, illustrative instructions to teach kids about Bass technique, serving as a fun and educational reminder for the big and little ones when they brush their teeth every day.

What’s different about tooth brushing sticker?


Easy to understand Bass technique illustrations

Illustrations that presents easy to miss details in Bass technique with the full seven steps to brush teeth.


No-adhesive, yet incredibly sticky

Made with YUPO Octopus® paper, the it’s easy to stick to and remove from smooth surface leaving no trace of adhesive for every one in the family.


Bathroom-ready waterproof

No afraid of the bathroom environment, even when it gets all wet. In fact, you can clean the sticker under running water without worrying about losing color or form.


Product Specs

+ Dimensions & Material

  • Material: YUPO Octopus® paper
  • Dimensions/mm: 213 L x 110 W (8.4” x 4.3”)
  • Designed by PUPUPULA. Proudly Made in China.

+ Care & Cleaning

  • Rinse with water. Allow to dry thoroughly and reapply.

+ What’s in the package?

  • Tooth Brushing Sticker
  • Envelope Packaging